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Specialist Strategic Advisory and Legal Services


Integrated Mining Solutions (“INMISO”) is a Level 2 BBBEE contributor consisting of a highly competent, multi-disciplinary and dedicated team of experts with in-depth knowledge of the Mining, Construction and Renewable Energy Sectors. Our experience and holistic approach to problem solving is what set our team of professionals apart. Our strength lies in our experience which gears us to find effective and cost-efficient “from pit to product” solutions.

Furthermore, an in-depth understanding of the business environment within which these projects are executed, results in the ability to provide crucial insight into the challenges, risks and issues that may transpire. We therefore provide an integrated industry solution by combining and aligning our business experience with our legal expertise. We believe this approach ensures industry focus, alignment between project activities and legal requirements and optimum risk management throughout the execution of the project, ultimately presenting the best possible solution to our clients.

We can provide a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary legal resource at a single point of entry to meet all your requirements in these complex and highly regulated industries. We have excellent industry experience in the specialist field of employee relations and are therefore able to provide services focused on collective labour law practices and processes. We are also able to provide transaction advisory services as well as services relating to the management and coordination of specialist work streams.

Our resources are skilled and experienced in all aspects of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, compliance, permitting and licensing. You can, therefore, trust our expertise and ability to assist with an array of service offerings such as proficient risk evaluation and identification, strategic and commercial advice, project coordination, facilitation and implementation.

In addition to our primary industry focus, we also provide legal and other services in a number of complementary specialist fields such as labour law, health and safety law, social development, intellectual property and product improvements.

We are a compact team and take full advantage of our ability to be flexible and movable, enabling us to respond fast and effectively to service requirements.


Strategic Collaboration Partners

Building multi-disciplinary teams with in-depth experience in their respective fields to provide integrated legal and related service solutions into one delivery model.

Elevate (Global Footprint: Africa, US, UK, India, Poland, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines and Australia)

‘’We provide consulting, technology, and services to law departments and law firms, offering practical ways to improve efficiency, quality, and business outcomes.’’

Consulting – Assist In-house General Counsel and law firms to improve their operational strategy, processes, technology, support systems and cost management.

Technology – Products assist In-House General Counsel and law firms to work smarter with easy-to-use tools for legal project management, data analytics, outside counsel selection and workflow management.

Services – Includes legal work and operational support that assists legal departments and law firms function more efficiently and effectively.

Sustainable Futures

‘’Sustainable Futures is a modern and progressive social and development consultancy - strategic, informed, creative, responsive and nimble’’

Their vision is co-development for a prosperous and sustainable mining and extractives ecosystem in Africa.

Development – Progressive positive change in business, governance and societal sectors.

Co-development – Change accelerated and sustained by inter-sectoral collaboration and partnership.

Ecosystem – Network of inter-sector relationships and dependencies.

Prosperity – Optimum state of development in sectors. Indicators differ by sector.

Sustainability – Conditions for inter-generational development. Conditions are environmental, economic, social and political.

Duja Consulting

Together with DDI, a global leadership consulting firm assisting organizations to hire, promote, and develop exceptional leaders. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, their commitment is to be by your side to help you make every moment of leadership count. Duja and DDI helps clients (including mining companies) with the reskilling of their people capabilities into the future. Reskilling employees has now become a critical imperative. It is critical to drive momentum around the concept of skills, to reshape the culture, mindset shifts and reskilling mechanisms to take mining into the future.

Development of the 6 areas to help reskill individuals to take on roles at SA Mines – Align the Senior Team, develop Current Employees, fast tract emerging Employees, Succession management, Enable teams, optimize for the business.

Develop the Individual – Future Employee capability – aligned to new mining process and jobs.

Accelerate individual development across all levels in mining – Employee assessment, employee development, employee development plan support.

BBEE Scorecard solution – SD, ED & CSI – Our solution drives a medium-term approach, where each year builds on the next to ensure maximum points are obtained within the period and with the spend managed down effectively year-on-year.

Online Recruitment and Assessment Tools – Artificial Intelligence Recruitment Bot and mobile assessment solutions.

Concentric Alliance

"Concentric Alliance is an Africa-based firm of conflict and development practitioners. Our purpose is to build trust and productive working relationships between opposing groups; to promote inclusive decision making, constructive means of engagement, and informed and sustainable agreements’’.

Understanding Conflict – At the commencement of any project, it is imperative that we understand the stakeholders, the environment and issues that generate conflict, to ensure that our remedial actions are effective and that our projects achieve their desired outcomes.

Resolving Conflict Within – Facilitating trust building and collaboration within organisations. Our processes would focus on developing change strategies that support collaboration and strengthen inclusivity in the decision-making processes of the organisation.

Resolving Conflict with Stakeholders – Mediation and Facilitation, Trust Building, Consensus Building and Stakeholder Engagement Strategies.